JagTag Graduation Packs


We are delighted to announce that as a part of our efforts to support the UK grass roots American football game, we have put in place the ‘JagTag Graduation Pack’. These Graduation Packs will be rewarded to students who have graduated from playing JagTag at their school to joining their local BAFA team (British American Football Association).

Am I eligible?

If you have played JagTag at your school and have attended a minimum of 3 sessions at your local BAFA team then you are eligible for us to send you out one of our JagTag graduation packs.

What do I have to do?

Please complete the online form below and we will respond to your request.

Where can I find my local BAFA team?


What is in the JagTag graduation pack?

The contents of the pack include Jacksonville Jaguars merchandise to help support you on your journey playing American football.

*JagTag graduation packs are issued on a first come first serve basis and subject to availability.