That Peter Crouch American Football Show


 Have you found yourself watching a game of American Football only to realise that you had no idea what was going on? You are not alone! Former England striker Peter Crouch was a complete novice; that was until he met the Jaguars NFL Hall of Fame candidate, Tony Boselli and Superbowl champion, Mark Brunell.

Join Peter as he enters the world of gridiron in our ultimate American Football 101 lesson – That Peter Crouch American Football Show. Through the four-part series we put Peter through a crash course on the rules of the game, play calling, the Super Bowl and what it’s like behind the scenes. We even kitted him out in his own personalised Jaguars jersey to put his new knowledge to the test in some drills.

Episode 1 - The Rules


Episode 2 - The Game


More episodes coming soon..